New Terraces Completed


It takes a great deal of patience to dig out the terraces on this land. The soil is porous and extremely poor, composed of clay, limestone, sand and an incredible quantity of rocks many of which are huge and need to be removed from the surface to prepare the land for planting.


The project has taken a year since we first decided to cultivate these three hectares to add to our existing seven hectares of vineyards and Cristoforo has been sitting behind the wheel of the excavator each day remarkably cheery for one faced with such a challenge. Perhaps he is inspired by the view of the Tirrenian sea, or perhaps the boy within him just loves digging – either way, he deserves a medal – this is gruelling work.


The altitude combined with the sea influence and this rocky soil gives grapes with abundant perfume and elegance


We chose to sculpt the land into a series of terraces to allow planting of manageable strips of vines, oriented to achieve the greatest benefits from the sun – the time invested to prepare the terrain should reap its rewards down the line. We benefit from an altitude of around 400m above sea level, which is rare in these parts and gives us the opportunity to consider a range of grape varieties and we have sought advice from our viticulturalist Giuliano Tarchi and our customers to understand what you want to have in your glass, but we always return to the fundamental lessons we have learnt over the past decade about what this land can do best. The altitude combined with the sea influence and this rocky soil gives grapes with abundant perfume and elegance and a weight that is rarely seen in Bolgheri, and for this reason, we have chosen to plant some more Malbec – a grape that gives an elegant scent of rose and violet yet a powerful palate with naturally high acidity. We will also plant some more Merlot as we are really pleased with the results due to the slower ripening conditions at this altitude. And in addition, we will plant some Sangiovese – we always strive to make wines that have a noticeable sense of place and so surely THE Tuscan variety will give some great results.


It will then be in the hands of nature until the 2019 harvest when the Malbec and Merlot will join the Indaco blend and the Sangiovese we plan to make in purezza, an exact replication of this land from a specific vintage.  It will be some years before these wines come to your table, but we just wanted you to know we are working on them already for you.

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